Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dickson Brook Trail at Fundy National Park

Another video from last week's trip to New Brunswick. This is HD footage taken along the short Dickson Brook Trail at Fundy National Park. A great portion of the trail is on boardwalk with a fair number of stairs.

Interestingly, just below the main set of waterfalls, looks to be an equally dramatic cataract. However, the brook forms a canyon and coupled with the green moss, it proved too difficult to discover on this trip. Of course, I could have walked through the water instead of trying to climb around...

Fundy National Park is known for its dramatic ocean tides. However, it's the interior portion of the park that is truly amazing. Their are numerous rugged trails that take the hiker past several water features and provide opportunity to swim at the base of a few cool waterfalls.

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