Friday, May 22, 2009

My Current 5 Favourite Questions or Statements

In the near future, I am going to do a full FAQ for Vegans. Today, for fun, I’m going to list my favourite 5 questions or comments that I receive from omnivores.

1. No meat? Aren’t you worried about your health? Aren’t you? Do you really think eating dead pieces of one or more different kinds of animal with a large portion of deep-fried potatoes and a minute portion of other vegetables is healthy?

2. Are you gay? What? What you’re really thinking is ‘boy, this guy is a femme.’ Well, why don’t go come do a triple with me (a triple being, workout with weights, run 10km+ and play an hour of ice hockey to boot – all in the same evening – then get up the next morning for work…) and we’ll see who’s the bigger man. Besides, most every gay guy that I’ve had the honour of meeting tends to be tons of fun and a pleasure to be around – kind of like the original meaning of the word – so, it’s not really an insult…

3. We’re having a staff BBQ, should we get you veggie burgers? Thank you for the good intentions. A. I am repulsed by the thought of eating meat so why would I eat something that is faked up to look and taste like meat? B. No offense, but it would be soaking in animal fat that you have failed to clean off the grille while you cook it. Note: I do eat veggie burgers the odd time at home. They’re quick and easy and really don’t taste as horrible as everyone makes them out to be. The animal fat reason above is the biggest reason for not wanting them at BBQ’s…

4. Aren’t you afraid of your bones breaking and your teeth falling out? No. Aren’t you afraid of the every present risk of heart attack and/or cancer?

5. Humans were meant to be Omnivores. Really? There is only one small item that us humans cannot get from plants and that, of course, is vitamin B12. I will be doing a post on B12, but needless to say the amount we get in a multi-vitamin or a glass of fortified rice or soy milk is much, much more than enough.

Of course, the real responses I give to these statements and questions is usually very politically correct and hopefully informative and never, never condescending because being an asshole only changes the world in the short term (right, Hitler?)…

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