Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Product Alert: Patty King Jamaican Veg Patties(and other updates)

I was so disappointed a year ago when I went Vegan and went to buy some Vegetable Jamaican patties at my local grocer - the ones I'd always grimaced at before. 'No Frills', the only carrier of the product in my town, had pulled them off the shelves because of slow sales.

The product is made by Patty King International in Concord, Ontario, Canada and may only be available to the Canadian market.

To my delight, last week, the store started selling the product again. I bought a few boxes and even ate a few of the patties. Then I looked at the ingredients! The pastry is made with beef suet. Why would a company market a product that is meat free and obviously targeted at vegans and vegetarians and then use a meat product that is virtually unnoticeable to the consumer?

Unfortunately, the company does not have a website. I am trying to find an e-mail address to contact them and at least find out if this is something that can be altered. But, for now, all you vegans out there (in Canada, anyway) know that these Jamaican patties are not Vegan!

Roofers - A New Found Respect!

I might be quite physically fit, but after one day of helping do my roof, I am hurting from head to toe. The snow showers didn't help much, but it was a workout I didn't plan for. I have no idea how they do it in the middle of summer when the heat is sweltering!

One Year Anniversary!

It's been a whole year today since I turned Vegan. I'm just going to go about my business and do what I've been doing for the past 365 days. I'm not big on cryptic updates on Facebook, by I might put one up today and see if anyone knows what I'm talking about.


  1. I was similarly disappointed when I found that out - they just started carrying them in Edmonton and they're something from Toronto that I missed. Any luck contacting them?

  2. No luck contacting them, unfortunately...