Friday, February 12, 2010

Animal Liberation Front - Good or Bad?

Like it or not, the Animal Liberation Front is an organization that every vegan should know something about. Why? Because, as vegans we obviously care about the well-being of all living beings and that is simply what the ALF is all about.

Despite the scary, terrorist-like name, the ALF believes in the well-being of ALL living beings, including humans. They are a movement based on non-violence. Therefore, any action taken on behalf of the ALF has to be done without harm to human life as well as animal life. For example, freeing test animals from a lab then blowing up that lab while the human staff are still there would be a no-no!

The ALF is a movement without formal leadership or membership. If you care for animals and do what you can to ensure all animals are treated well, then you basically may consider yourself a member of ALF, if it so suits you.

Do visit the ALF website. There is a lot of reading material and most of it is based in the real world. There is some fairly radical stuff, as well, like how to get an attorney and what your rights are when you get arrested for freeing animals or protesting or committing some other crime in the name of freedom.

What gives ALF credibility is the fact that they really aren't extremists. Common sense is preached. Is there a point to freeing livestock from a farm when the animals can't be cared for and the farmer is just going to restock anyway? The best thing to do in that situation is to promote a vegan lifestyle and simply take the market away from the farmer so he stops breeding animals for slaughter.

Like PETA, you may not agree with all ALF has to offer and that is your right as a human being. Like PETA, ALF is a great resource of valuable information.

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