Monday, August 23, 2010

Bottled Water - Good or Bad?

Bottled Water Battle

This is an interesting article on the bottled water industry. Apparently, in California, there are water restrictions on everyone but the bottled water companies. These companies are not accountable to report the amount of water they take from the ground.

I truly believe that the whole industry is a scam and should be banned or, at least regulated. They're selling nothing but snake oil. For the most part, you're getting tap water for $1.50 a bottle and each bottle you buy is as contribution to a growing pollution and garbage problem.

Not to mention, the bottle you're drinking out of may or may not cause cancer, depending on who you believe.

Anyway - Check it out.

Bottled Water Battle


  1. Bottled water is very bad for the environment, I actually brought the Brita that you can store in your fridge, and it tastes just as good as bottled water and saves a lot of money.