Friday, October 23, 2009

Animal Sacrifices for World Cup 2010????

I've just read some disturbing news that seems to be making its way onto the internet. The South Africans plan to hold an animal sacrifice ritual at each of the ten stadiums that will play host the the 2010 World Cup of Soccer. I don't see anything on PETA's site about this but I'm sure that a response is not that far off.
These sacrifices are in the name of Native traditions and have been, for the most part, shrugged off my the media as some exotic ceremony that the rest of the world has no business stopping.
I'm a huge World Cup fan, but I can't support something like this. I'm hoping that outside pressure will stop this from happening.
Get the gory details here:

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  1. FIFA and participating nations need to step up here in a big way and remind South Africa that part of the honor of holding the World Cup is being a civilized 21st century host.

    Public safety is violent South Africa's primary concern and animal sacrifice is hardly a reassuring sign.

    Rape, lynching, and slavery have sometimes been considered native traditions too, so "native traditions" does not fly as an excuse for barbarism.