Saturday, October 10, 2009

Georges Laraque Update - Bringing Veganism to the Habs

George Laraque Habs Vegan Update
Big Georges has finally given us an update on his blog and is indeed still following the vegan diet. Georges is feeling awesome and the Montreal Canadiens are looking like they are going to be a strong contender in the 2009-10 NHL season.

I had planned on doing some spotlight posts on other 'famous' athletic vegans, but it's hockey season in Canada (actually, hockey season is 12 months a year in Canada...) and Georges is on the television at the moment taking on the Edmonton Oilers. So, I felt it was time for a follow-up to my previous post on the big man.

Just last week, Georges and the team were actually in my little town (Orangeville, ON, CA) for a few evenings. There is a christian sports camp just to the south of town that often hosts professional and international amateur hockey teams for mini-camps and retreats. Teen Ranch is also host to yours truly twice a week for shinny hockey that comes really close to the level of the Canadiens! I was sent a hazy cell phone picture of Georges from the local bowling alley, where the team went for some leisure activities on one of the evenings - the man was a block away from my house.

In his latest blog post, I was impressed to hear that the team caterers not only provide him with vegan food at the rink, but make extra for anyone else to consume. Apparently, the reception has been quite positive and teammates are surprised at how tasty the vegan options are. Teammate, Mike Cammalleri, is reportedly a yoga enthusiast and I predict with his open mind, will be the next to follow Georges' diet choice.

Big Georges is only in his 5th game of the gruelling 82 game schedule and has only engaged in one fight but I'm expecting big things this year on his and the team's march to the Stanley Cup - I already have them finishing first in the their division in my official 09-10 predictions posted here.

To read Georges latest blog entry, click here.

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