Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pearson Runway Run Prediction

It's Thursday night, 2 nights before the Toronto Pearson Airport 5km Runway Run. As I've mentioned in a previous post, this is an awesome, unique race as you run 5km on one of the busiest airport runways in the world (the do divert flights to other runways for the morning!). I am a plane fanatic (mostly because I always want to be on one traveling somewhere new and exciting), so it's a little tough to focus since the runway right next to the one the race is one is quite busy with take-offs and landings.

This is, however, a great course to put in a real decent time. The course is obviously flat. It is basically an out and back of the runway. The final leg is from west to east, normally with the prevailing winds at your back. I have not aspirations of a real PR - those days are 20 years gone now. However, I would really like to crack the 25 minute mark (a modern day PR...).

If I do crack the 25 minute mark, I will reconsider my refusal to enter anymore 5 or 10's this year. I've decided to take tonight off and had already planned to take off Friday night. My hamstrings were a little crabby after last night's full sched of ultimate frisbee, hockey and a 6.2km run. I did get a good weights workout in tonight and I would like to get one in tomorrow night, as well.

Regardless, Saturday should prove to be a fulfilling day with the 5km, a Toronto Bluejays game at 1pm with family, and a visit to Wooffest at St.Lawrence Market in downtown Toronto.

Challenge updates: No new mileage to report but I weighed in at 180 this morning - half way to my goal after only 4 days.

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