Sunday, June 7, 2009

Personal Challenge: Lose 10 Pound in 1 Month

Since becoming Vegan, my weight dropped significantly in the first few weeks, from 195 to 185, then like clockwork has stayed at exactly 185 since. I would be happy staying at 185 but would be even happier at 175. It is an arbitrary number, I know, but back in the days when I last weighed around 175, my athletic performance was much, much better.

So here's the challenge: Today is Sunday, June 7, 2009. I weighed in this morning at 183 but I was fairly dehydrated due to weekend celebrating so we'll call it 185. By July 7, 2009, I will tip the scales at 175. The weight I will go by, and have always gone by, is the measurement first thing in the morning, after my bathroom break but before any fluids or food intake (I've always called it the GMW or gross morning weight - not really sure why, but it's catchy...). This is the most consistent time of day to take the measurement.

I've given the when, now I will get into the why and how of my challenge.

  • to help achieve lower heart rate and blood pressure
  • to look good and feel more self-confident (face it, that's one of the big reasons we all do it!)
  • to run faster and longer
  • to skate faster with less effort
  • to reduce stress on my knees, hamstrings, calf muscles, etc. (aka. injury reduction)
  • to live longer
  • to prove to others that it can be done
  • to be a positive influence on those around me


  • No sugar drinks
  • No junk (chocolate bars, chips, fast food - not that I partake in that poison much anyway)
  • Drink more than the recommended 64 ounces of water per day. I use a 26 ounce water bottle which means I only need to drink 2.5 of those. I drink a full one and some at breakfast, one full one while I work out and close to a full one before bed. Added to that are about 5-8 mugs of green tea per day.
  • NO SNACKING BETWEEN DINNER AND BEDTIME! This is my nemesis and always has been. I believe, somewhere deep in my brain, there is this very small voice that says I will not survive the night unless I eat before bed. Whenever I've been successful at weight loss in the past, not eating after dinner has been the single biggest key to my success.
  • Eat breakfast. I most always have my seeds, nuts, fruit and veggies that I constantly snack on from the word 'go' while at work - I call this breakfast!
  • Daily exercise (duh!). Weights and running every day sure helps to keep the metabolism fired up.
  • Deep-breathing - Tony Robbins style! For the full scoop on this, read Tony's book, Unlimited Power (you don't need to buy it - I'm not getting paid to advertise for Tony! - this book is available in all libraries to borrow for free).
  • Portion control!!! One of my other issues - I believe the same little voice controls this one. I'm certain that I'll run out of fuel or have low blood sugar problems, so I often reach for the second plate of stir-fried curried veggies. It doesn't help that I'm such a damn good cook!
  • Keep busy. Idle time is hungry time. We eat out of boredom. I'm sure we've all experienced those days where there's nothing going on at work and by 9am your stomach and brain are already wishing it was noon. This makes for the most excruciating 3 hours and often leads to a 11am lunch! We've also all experienced the days when your lineup is full and when you finally get a break around 2pm, you're not ravaged by hunger at all.
  • Share your challenge! By posting this challenge on this blog, I have fortified my commitment.

I'll keep you updated on my progress. Of course, I could be making all this up for all you know! You will have to trust my honesty and sincerity. Either way, whether the challenge is a success or just a partial success, the results I post will be the honest truth (give or take a pound!).

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