Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Being A Fat Vegan Is Possible!

Before I get into the Fat Vegan part, I would just like add a little info on my last post. The soursop is very similar in texture and taste to the custard apples. The taste is great but the number of seeds is incredibly annoying!

The pickled Vietnamese egg plants are, well... pretty gross. They are a very small type of eggplant that has been pickled with all the innards still in. When you bite into one of these there is an explosion of tiny seeds that fill your mouth and, frankly, feel like bugs. The taste is good but the experience is pretty nasty.

I haven't yet tried the Lotus stems or the rambutan and everything else was just as good this time around as the first time for me.

Being A Vegan Lardass!

I have now put on over 10 pounds since the end of November. I have proved that it is possible for rapid weight gain while on a vegan diet. I attribute this to a drastic reduction in physical activity that is, as we speak, being reversed.

Other than my laziness, I simply blame the Ontario winter. There's not enough snow to do any good workouts like snowshoeing, yet there's enough to make the sidewalks into horrible running tracks.

Anywho, I plan to be sitting 15 pounds lighter as of one month from now. I've started working out and running again and I'm trying to curb the winter hunger and not binge in the evening before bed. It's a tough road when you're on the other side of the 40 mark but I'm determined.

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