Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Chinatown Bounty

I did a little food shopping at a few of the Asian markets along Spadina in Toronto this past Monday. I'd just like to share my bounty of goodies.

Starting from the front, the dark prickly thing is a Soursop. Not sure what it tastes like yet, but will be trying it soon.

The brown balls in the yellow mesh bag are Longans. Also called dragon's eyes, Longans are a sweet, opaque, fleshy snack inside a semi-hard shell.

The red guy in the middle is a Dragon Fruit, or Pitahaya. Inside is a tasty white flesh that is somewhat of a mix between a kiwi fruit and a watermelon.

The two fruit on the right are Custard Apples. The scales peel away easily when ripe and the inner flesh is similar in taste and texture to apple custard. There are numerous seeds that make eating this fruit a bit tedious.

The can on the left is full of Rambutan, which is similar to lychee fruit and longans.

The jar in the middle is pickled Vietnamese Eggplant. I haven't tried it yet, but I have a thing for regular pickled eggplant so I should like this just fine.

The jar on the right is full of Lotus Rootlets. I haven't cracked this one open yet either but I've checked out some recipes on-line and things are lookin' good.

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  1. Thanks for photo and a nice and funny presentation! I hope you'll report what the taste was!