Thursday, March 4, 2010

Where the Hell Have I Been?

I haven't been very regular with my posting over the past month. I'm still here, though. I've been putting a lot of effort into , my new web project about a serious passion of mine, following the graduates of the Ontario Hockey League.

I'm terribly behind in my running, as well. It's only about 6 weeks until the first 26km trail of the season, and I've only put in a handful of runs since December. When I do run though, I'm feeling pretty good and putting in a good pace. I keep somewhat fit with hockey, so I'm not totally couch-potatoing.

I've fully decided that I hate winter. It hasn't even been a bad winter in Ontario - the temps have stayed well above frigid and the snow hasn't piled up. What that all means is that the snowshoes I bought a few years ago are pretty much useless to me.

I'm hopefully off to the Kensington Market / Chinatown area of Toronto this weekend. I'm planning on a shopping spree of odd and unusual fruits and vegetables to try out and write about.

Until next time, keep it vegan y'all!

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