Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Vegan Spanish - Part II

In Part I of Vegan Spanish, I gave the translation of some fruits and vegetables as well as some simple phrases that will come in handy at a restaurant, market or resort in Latin America.

In Part II, I'll give you the dark side. These are the words that you should be on the look out for and should avoid! What follows is 10 translations of words involving meat. What follows that are 3 simple phrases that may or may not help you explain your voluntary avoidance of all meat products.

Lesson II


carne = meat (look out for this one as it comes combined in many forms - usually involving beef)
chorizo = sausage
pescado = fish
pavo = turkey
jamón = ham
langosta = lobster
camarones = shrimp
cerdo = pork
pollo* = chicken
mariscos = shellfish
* watch for "Pollo Feliz" restaurants in the Southwest USA and Mexico - the translation = "The Happy Chicken" - now, how many happy chickens do you really think there are hanging around the ol' deep fryer??? This was first pointed out to me by a tour guide in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in 2005.


Por supuesto, soy serio! Ninguna carne para mí, por favor! = Of course, I'm serious! No meat for me, please!

Donde está el medico? Yo he comido la carne. = Where is the doctor? I have eaten meat.

Las vacas son lindas. No los coma! = Cows are cute! Don't eat them!

If anyone has any corrections for the above material, please let me know! I'm good at engaging in everyday conversation in Spanish, but making up semi-humorous phrases out of the blue can easily get screwed up in the translation! I do use BabelFish for help but only count on it for single words and accent placement. If you are familiar with two or more languages, for a laugh, try translating sentences from one language to another in BabelFish. It is quite funny how inaccurate this relatively new internet service is at this point in time.

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