Sunday, July 19, 2009

Virtual Run to Montreal - Update

As of tonight's run, I am now at 193.3km completed of my 615km virtual run from Orangeville, Ontario to Montreal, Quebec. The somewhat short 6.5km run topped off a pretty successful day. I began with a nice 1 hour workout, followed by an hour of hockey, followed by the 6.5 that was run at a blistering 5:28/km pace. Considering I was intentionally shortening my stride and running relaxed to try and nurse a nagging left hip pain, shaving 1:21 off my previous best time on one of my most often run courses was pretty amazing. I even double checked the route on to see if maybe I'd unintentionally taken a shortcut along the way.

The nagging hip pain seems to be in check. I think it's an after effect of the evil hills at the Rattlesnake 12.7km trail run last weekend. I have just over a month before the Midsummer Night's Run 30km in Toronto, so I need to start pushing up the mileage again.

193.3 km away from Orangeville puts me back on highway 7, between Norwood, ON and Havelock, ON. The names of these towns, and any others between this point and Montreal, really will mean nothing to readers not familiar with Eastern Ontario. However, trust me when I say that this is a beautiful road to travel.

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