Wednesday, July 29, 2009

August 2009 Personal Challenges

I have two challenges to focus on for the month of August. I'm finding that posting challenges/goals on this blog gives me the motivational boost I need to complete those challenges. This months challenges are a) drop weight to 169 lbs. from 175, the weight I have been maintaining since my last weight loss challenge ended successfully on July 9 and b) run 180 km.

Here's the why and the how of my two challenges:

a) Drop Weight to 169 lbs.


  • I'm close to my ideal weight, but not quite there. Ultimately, I want to reach 160 and maintain at that, but I also don't want to do it too rapidly.

  • Why 169 and not 170 - it just feels better! I've broken the 170 barrier and am now in the 160's. It's the equivalent of pricing a product at 4.99 instead of 5.00...

  • To help my running speed.

  • To reduce the chance of lower body injury.

  • My fiance just bought me shorts with a 32" waist and I'm at around a 33. Not bad, considering I was 38 not so long ago...

  • Vanity!

  • To increase chances of living longer and healthier.

How (pretty much a repeat of my last weight loss challenge - stick with what works!):

  • No food after dinner.

  • No sugar drinks.

  • No packaged junk food (chocolate bars, chips, etc.)

  • Exercise each and every day.

  • Keep water consumption at at least 64 ounces per day (I include my green tea addiction in those numbers)

  • Give regular updates on this blog.

  • Review the reasons 'why' given above on a daily basis.

  • Continuing my vegan lifestyle.

I'm pretty confident that I will be successful in this challenge. In maintaining my weight since July 9, I have dropped as low as 172 and at no point did I feel I was starving myself.

b) Run 180 km.


  • To be able to go longer, faster.

  • To push myself eventually toward ultra-marathons.

  • I simply love to run.

  • The health benefits are too numerous to mention.

  • To be a positive influence on my family.


  • Make running a priority over other activities.

  • Run 6 days per week.

  • Put in longer, long runs.

  • Stay in tune with body to ensure going injury-free.

I would like it known that these short term challenges/goals are not just randomly picked from a hat. They are meant to bring focus and accelerate my larger goals. I also do not become reckless in the pursuit of success. I know my body's needs and capabilities and I learn more about those needs and capabilities every day. And, I share my bed with a nurse who would never let me do something careless with my physical health!

Watch for updates coming soon!

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