Saturday, August 1, 2009

Vegan Spanish - Part III

Spending the day at Wasaga Beach, surrounding by pretty much every language thinkable at Canada's most ethnically diverse resort area, I have been inspired to add the 3rd installment of Vegan Spanish! (see Part I and Part II)

In Part III, I have 10 more words and three more phrases. Just like Part I, the vocabulary is all fruits and vegetables.

Lesson III


ciruela = plum
patata = potato
pimienta = green pepper
frambuesa = raspberry
fresa = strawberry
colinabo = kohlrabi
melocotón = peach
pera = pear
cereza = cherry
brécol = broccoli


Hay algun platillo que no tiene carne? = Do you have a dish that doesn't have meat?
Me podrian preparar una ensalada? = Could you prepare a salad for me?
Tiene carne? = Does it have meat?

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