Thursday, August 13, 2009

Challenge Updates

I must say that I didn't take the easy road to achieving my 3 current personal challenges. I'm almost halfway through the month of August and I have tough but achievable expectations of myself in regards to the two challenges that are due at the end of the month. As for the one that's due September 13, that's a different story.

Run 180 km in August

I am at 59.3 km for the month to date, not including tonight's planned 9km run. This leaves me with a necessary average of around 6.4km per day for the remaining days of the month, assuming I run every day. Interestingly enough, I missed several days due to strained left hamstring and calf muscles from - get this - weeding the vegetable garden!

Don't forget, though, that 30km of the remaining 120 will all be run at one time on the 22nd of August as I run the Midsummer Night's Run in Toronto.

Weigh 169 lbs. by the end of August

I'm currently hovering around 172, making the goal very achievable. I'm continuing with my strategy that I outlined at the start of the month and am certain of success.

Run virtual 615 km from Orangeville, ON to Montreal, PQ

I may have severely overestimated my potential mileage on this one. I currently sit at 279.6 km with a month to go. I have my doubts about putting in over 300 km in 30 days. However, I will achieve the goal, it just won't be on time. On September 13, I will give myself an appropriate extension, if necessary.

That's the early-mid month report card. Barring injury and with great focus, I very much plan to knock off the first two challenges. As for the third, we'll play it by ear...

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