Thursday, August 20, 2009

Race Strategy: Midsummer Night's Run 30 km

My time to beat is 3:08:29 to achieve a PR in the 30 km distance. This is certainly not a monumental feat but I only have one previous attempt at this distance and that was at the 2009 Around The Bay 30K in Hamilton, Ontario.

4 degrees celcius, rain, hills for the last 10km and questionable fitness level versus 20 degrees celcius, sunshine, flat course and optimum (somewhat) fitness level. I should be able to do it and then some.

Smart or not, I'm parking close to 5km away simply due to the fact that parking in downtown Toronto is expensive and I can't afford to park in several different locations throughout the day. I've decided on the underground at Simcoe Place as it's the epicentre of the events on Saturday. From that location, it is 2 km walk to the packet pickup at Gerrard and Yonge and close to 5km to the start line. I have to go up to the packet pickup location and back then I plan to attend the Can-Fit-Pro fitness trade show across the road from the parking lot at the Toronto Convention Centre. I will then slowly make the walk along the lakeshore to the starting line. I have time on my side. Pickup opens at 10am and the race doesn't start until 5:30, allowing a slow, leisurely walking pace and plenty of time for fuel.

I want to start the race slow, but not too slow. I want to have energy to finish strong but do not want to have to make up too much time over the last 10km. I'm sure that my creaky hamstrings and calves will ensure that I don't start like a rabbit, or run like a rabbit at any point over the 30 km. I'm going to do something that I rarely do in a race and that's make a point to get water at every single water station. I may even carry food with me - another rarity.

So - what I want to accomplish on Saturday is this:

  1. beat 3 hours

  2. finish injury free

  3. enjoy the sights - I may be the only person that finds the Leslie Spit to be an attraction

  4. get my money's worth

  5. have a beer with my fellow runners after the race at the beer tent

5 simple objectives for an enjoyable day of running. Tune in later for my race report and race rating.

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