Sunday, December 27, 2009

Book Review: 50-50 by Dean Karnazes

Once again, I'm pushing a great book written by a non-vegan. The last time it was Martin Strel, this time it's Dean Karnazes. Dean Karnazes is the ultimate ultra-runner and an incredible source of inspiration for those of us who wonder just how far the human body can be pushed.

In 2006, Dean embarked on a tour of all the 50 states of the USA, competing in a marathon in each of those 50 days, thus the title. The amazing journey was embarked on to raise awareness to Dean's charity, Karno's Kids. The motto of Karno's Kids is 'No child left inside'. The purpose is to get kids outside and exercising to combat child obesity, diabetes and all the other problems that come with a sedentary lifestyle. So, in a big way, Dean shares similar health related goals with us vegans.

The book could have been boring. A day by day account of someone running exactly the same distance everyday for 50 days doesn't provide much variety. Dean makes this book a great tool for runners or anyone wanting to be extraordinary. Each chapter provides a little insight into the actually event but provides a whole lot more information and inspiration on how to push yourself and live life the way it was truly meant to be lived.

Some of Dean's other unreal accomplishments include running a 200 mile relay solo against teams of 12; travelling 350 miles in one run; has run countless ultra-marathons throughout the world.

Check out this interview with Dean after completing the 2008 Badwater Ultra.

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