Thursday, December 10, 2009

Meatless Chicken Breast - Vegan Sellout?

Winter has begun to hammer Orangeville, Ontario, Canada in full force. The temperature has dropped down into the double digits below zero, the wind is howling relentlessly out of the northwest and the snow is flying. This is the time of year when your body gets chilled right down to the bone and nothing seems to warm you up.
Saying that, I felt I needed something hardy for dinner tonight. I stopped by my local grocer to get dog good for the two pooches on the way home from work and decided to pick up something a little special for myself. I came across a new product in the frozen food aisle. It was new to my grocery store, anyway.
The World's Best Meatless Chicken Breast by President's Choice. I've been know to have soy burgers and vegetable paddies but had never seen soy-based fake chicken breasts before. Despite the relatively high price of $12.99 for 8 pieces, I bought myself a box and headed home to feed the dogs and myself.
On the way home, I pondered whether eating fake meat was a sellout to my beliefs. Did this mean that I still craved the taste of meat? If so, what fragile paper net was stopping me from actually failing and starting to eat real meat again? It was better on the conscience to eat soy burgers because that was what they were called. Soy burgers, not meatless beef burgers.
Meatless chicken still leaves the image that you are actually eating chicken. Believe me, these were the world's best meatless chicken breasts in that they really tasted like chicken. I had to check the box a couple times during my meal to make sure I'd read the label properly.
I'm still on the fence about whether mock meat is just fuel for temptation. It's probably a discussion that could go on and on. It reminds of the discussion about whether all those in the world of Star Trek are Vegan because all their food is a synthetic replication. I would assume that these fictional characters truly believe they are eating meat and do not give a damn about the equality of all animals. However, maybe they are conscientious about the lives of all living creatures since it would be part of the prime directive not to interfere with alien life. Maybe Gene Roddenberry should have addressed that issue instead of always trying to get into Uhura's pants.
Anyway. The meatless chicken burgers were very good and seem to very good for you. The calorie count sits at 150 per breast which is considerably lower than a soy burger. Sodium, of course, is high but so are many essential vitamins and minerals. 110% of the RDA of Vitamin B12 is available in each breast.
For fun, I'm going to make these for my savage, animal-eating family and see if they notice the difference. It just might be the first step in pushing them away from the dark side.

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  1. I do not see the dilemma in eating meat emulating vegan products if one was a former meat eater. I remember it tasting pretty good some times. However, I have firmly resolved to not eat animals again in this life. It probably does not matter whether these are called chikn brests or light colored soy patties. The point is, they taste good and I am not eating animals. I do not believe any selling out is involved. My conscience is clear.