Thursday, December 24, 2009

PETA Is Too Darn Extreme!

I know I've mentioned PETA in previous posts. I've been reading some comments about PETA throughout the web and there's something about the organization I think needs to be addressed. Yes, PETA is extreme in their campaigns. Yes, PETA is over-the-top. It's a necessary evil if you want to get your point across.

You can't get the world's attention by having bake sales, selling quilts, putting on puppet shows and compromising every action so not to offend anyone. You must push the limits of acceptability to get through 6 billion thick skulls that are walking this earth, mostly in a daze.

McDonalds constantly bombards the television viewing screen with images of fit, young, happy, successful, leaders of society packing away Big Macs like they were a hunk of broccoli. I would call this extreme and possibly over-the-top. Why don't they be a little more realistic and show obese customers wolfing down their rain-forest killing, cancer causing, heart attack-on-buns. Then, show them waddling to the bathroom, using either a walker or cane for support, to have a sit down to make room for the sundae that's waiting for them back at the table.

The same applies for Coca-Cola and Pepsi. It's a tad bit extreme that they basically advertise their sugar and chemical filled drinks as sports drinks. There's nothing better to quench the thirst and revitalize the body during a heavy bout of exercise than a good glass of poison. And, hey, if you're unfortunate enough to be packing on a few pounds, try the diet version packed with aspartame. There's nothing like a chemical that increases your blood pressure and causes nervous disorder (oh, but you have no proof of that - says the big corporate lawyer).

I remember a few years ago, another organization that is simply trying to save the world, was getting abused throughout the media because they flew a jet to protest events and that was counteractive to their environmental beliefs. Unfortunately, taking a row boat across the Atlantic to attend a demonstration and arriving 3 months late does not usually have a great effect. Greenpeace is a great organization but they are pegged as extreme and over-the-top as well.

We, in Canada, have a government that is supposedly against smoking, drinking and gambling. Yet, taxes on cigarettes and alcohol pretty much pay for the operation of the country. Government run casinos are constantly advertised as the greatest, funnest experience on the face of the Earth. As well, the government run lotteries are pretty much brain-washed into all citizens through advertising that almost makes one feel guilty for not buying tickets on a daily basis. But, the government being as awesome as it is, is right there to tell you that all of these things are bad and you are bad for being addicted to them. Is there anything as sexy as a drunk, diaper-wearer smoking a cigarette and putting the month's welfare cheque into a slot machine that will never, ever make them rich? Extreme?

PETA tells it like it is. Unfortunately for PETA, the world has been brainwashed by governments, media and corporations (all one in the same) and that is very hard to break through. It takes something extreme and shocking, such as a human covered in blood packaged in a meat container like a lowly pork chop, to plant the tiniest seed in the brainwashed human brain about just how cruel eating meat really is.

Carry on PETA. As I've said before, at the very least your online videos can stop a wavering vegan from giving in to a burger or chicken wing. Just like an AA sponsor, doubting vegans can always turn to you for support in dark times. At best, perverted male vegans can check out your shots of Alicia Silverstone!

Merry Christmas!

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