Monday, September 14, 2009

24-Hour Fasting

I've been doing some reading for some time about fasting. I think I lead too active a life to go the 3+ days that are recommended as an ideal fast. However, a 24-hour fast which has been proven to be beneficial to our health is within my means.
Benefits of a 24-hour, water-only fast include:
  • cleansing of the pancreas
  • reduction in your desire for sugar
  • reduction in blood pressure
  • more efficient energy usage
  • weight reduction
  • digestive system 'vacation'

It is also said that fasting as short a time as 24 hours reduces tiredness, bloating and gas and is good for the brain. It is also said that regular 24-hour fasting, as much as once per week, can significantly extend life expectancy by simply decreasing stress on the organs and creating a more efficient system. Also, it may even be beneficial in avoiding diseases such as cancer.

I plan on experimenting with my first intentional 24-hour fast on Saturday, September 26. I say intentional, because I know there have been times when I have gone that long without eating but it was due to illness or the after-effects of a night of drinking alcohol. I plan to have my last meal on Saturday afternoon at around 2:30 so that I'm ready to start at 3:00. This would give me time to get in a workout and run in the morning and would give me enough time for both Sunday evening before 10pm hockey.

I am going to keep a diary of weight and pulse. I would like to monitor blood pressure and blood sugar levels but do not have the equipment. I have concerns about sodium loss and will be doing more research about that but I haven't found anything written, so far, that it is a concern.

I would love to hear from anyone who has tried this or does this on a regular basis and I look forward to my little adventure in less than two weeks.

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