Saturday, September 19, 2009

Run For The Grapes - Race Strategy

The Run For The Grapes Half Marathon in St. Catherines, Ontario is upon me. Tomorrow morning at 9:15am, I will join approximately 500 others to run 21.1km through the city of St. Catherines and the wine country on the outskirts of town.
The forecast is looking great with a morning temperature of 13 degrees celcius, going up to a high of 23 with nothing but sunshine. Can you ask for anything better in the latter part of September in Southern Ontario? Unlike this morning, I shouldn't have a layer of ice on my windshield when I get up...
Judging by the profile on the official website, there will be a few more hills than I've had in most of my race events this year. This is not a bad thing as my training runs in and around Orangeville are never, ever flat.
My goals for this run are:
  • To complete the race injury free.
  • To beat 2 hours.
  • To enjoy my experience from start to finish.
  • To partake in the wine festival that the race is a part of.

Pretty simple. The conditions are good. The course is good. The number of entrants is neither too many or too few. My health is excellent. This should be a good time! Plus, the gift is a tech shirt from Merrell - a nice change from NB...

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  1. Good luck tom Tom and thanks for stopping by

    We drove by wine country duing the summer and it's a beautiful; area. Hoping the weather is nice and that you have fun.