Saturday, September 26, 2009

3 Great Blogs in the Vegan World

Lately, I've been scrounging through google to find really interesting vegan voices out there in the world wide web. I've found a few that are extremely interesting and I'd like to share them with you. At some point, I'd like to interview the authors of these blogs, if they're willing, as they are unique characters in our vegan world.

animal rights and animal liberation: empathy for animals

This is a great blog on current events surrounding animal rights and animal liberation. The author, The One And Only Hypnos, is from Belgium but is not bound by international borders when bringing issues of animal injustice to light. Updates are often and quite detailed. Hypnos is a great writer and a great 'voice' for animal rights and veganism.

Barefoot Adventures

Barefoot adventures is a blog by a very entertaining Floridian named Sean Dietrich. Sean made the move to being Vegan a few years ago but more interestingly has been running barefoot for even longer! As the pictures he posts on his blog will attest, he is quite a sight running down the road with his long red hair and beard waving in the wind and no shoes on his feet. He has run marathons barefoot and is looking to run an ultra. Currently, he is pondering a trail run across the state of Florida. Sean is also an accomplished musician. His band, The Sean Dietrich Trio, has a website that can be accessed through his blog.

Christine "Peanut" Vardaros

Christine is a professional cyclist out of California, USA. She is currently working the Cyclo-Cross circuit in Europe. She is honoured at Vegan Voices as a leader within the Vegan movement. Her blog is very cycling oriented with not a whole lot of Vegan information but it is a great read.

Personal Update:

I've postponed my 24 hour fast experiment planned for later today. My schedule for today and tomorrow is too active and physically demanding.

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