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2009-10 NHL Prediction Update - Halftime

The NHL has reached the halfway point of the season and it’s time for an update on my predictions made before the beginning of the season. At the quarter, I had 10 teams in their correct positions. I’ve picked up two on that as the season falls into place. Once the Olympic break is over, the rest of the pieces should fall in line.

12 out of 30 teams is pretty darn close to 50%. I believe at the three quarters point, I will be at 50% and by the season finale, I will be at 67%. In today’s NHL, there is hardly any room between first and last. Things can change overnight and those teams that were flying high can falter and the bottom feeders can pick up steam like a runaway locomotive.

Here’s how the picture looks, so far. The teams are listed in their current position with my predicted position in brackets.

Atlantic Division

1. New Jersey Devils (3)
2. Pittsburgh Penguins (2)
3. New York Rangers (5)
4. New York Islanders (4)
5. Philadelphia Flyers (1)

The Flyers have shown signs of getting out of the funk they’ve been in and are only mere points from third place. The Devils are running away with it right now but once Marty Brodeur gets tired out from playing for Canada in the Olympics, they should drop back down to Earth. Rangers suck! Not sure how they’re doing it.

Southeast Division

1. Washington Capitals (1)
2. Atlanta Thrashers (5)
3. Tampa Bay Lightning (3)
4. Florida Panthers (4)
5. Carolina Hurricanes (2)

Washington will have to completely collapse to lose their position in first. The Hurricanes seem to be a lost cause. With the other three basically in a dead heat, Tampa and Florida just have to slip ahead of Atlanta to make me look good.

Northeast Division

1. Buffalo Sabres (4)
2. Boston Bruins (2)
3. Ottawa Senators (3)
4. Montreal Canadiens (1)
5. Toronto Maple Leafs (5)

Buffalo just might be for real. Montreal just can’t get it together, as usual. When will I ever learn to not have faith in anything out of Montreal? Toronto has no hope of leaving the basement, which is good. Ottawa just needs to stay the course.

Central Division

1. Chicago Blackhawks (1)
2. Nashville Predators (5)
3. Detroit Red Wings (4)
4. St. Louis Blues (3)
5. Columbus Blue Jackets (2)

Chicago has 10 points on the Preds which should be somewhat insurmountable considering the talent the team has. Nashville is a team full of misfits that couldn’t make it anywhere else. The lack of spotlight might be just what’s making that team click. Columbus is such a huge disappointment for me again this season.

Pacific Division

1. San Jose Sharks (2)
2. Phoenix Coyotes (5)
3. Los Angeles Kings (3)
4. Dallas Stars (4)
5. Anaheim Ducks (1)

It appears that Wayne Gretzky is not the hockey coach, GM and owner that his incredible playing ability would make him. Once Wayne was railroaded out of the desert, the team started playing hockey. 3 out of 5 is pretty good and I might just have to settle for that since the Ducks moving from 5th to 1st might shake up the division so bad that they’d be the only team in the right position in the end.

Northwest Division

1. Calgary Flames (1)
2. Colorado Avalanche (5)
3. Vancouver Canucks (2)
4. Minnesota Wild (4)
5. Edmonton Oilers (3)

Add Edmonton to Columbus and Montreal as the biggest losers of the season. All three are so darn good at hiding behind excuses when they disappoint season after season. Colorado, Calgary and Vancouver are separated by a total of two points – this one can be won by anyone.

That’s it for Pro hockey for a month or two. Back to being a vegan athlete. As with last January, I’m struggling with constant tiredness, difficulty getting out of bed and a tad bit of obsession with the sweets. It turns out these are prime symptoms of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Next post, I’m going to dwell into the research I’ve been doing on the topic and what can be done to get rid of it.

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Bravo Georges Laraque!

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