Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How To Peel An Avocado

I know I rave, maybe too much, about avocados. However, today I learned something new about the incredible green fruit. I had a couple perfectly ripe avocados at work today. Of course, because I slept in as usual, I didn’t have time to pit them and scoop out the flesh at home. Instead, I took the whole fruits to work with me along with a paring knife.

I also forgot a spoon to scoop out the goods when it came time for my avocado break. I was just about to go find a disposable plastic spoon when my co-worker told me there was no need. My co-worker is educated in the culinary arts and spent several years in the kitchens of resorts in Italy and Western Canada and is still a disappointment to me that she decided to give up her dream to work at a boring car dealership.

Anyway, all I needed was my paring knife to get the job done. I simply had to slice the avocado in half, length-wise as usual. She even had an easier way of popping out the pit but she felt I needed a ‘real’ knife for that. I had to pop out the pit the old fashioned way.

Now, I just needed to lay the halves on the counter, on a sheet of paper towel, and cut the flesh length-wise around 4 times using the tip of the knife. It wasn’t necessary to cut through the skin, however, I found it even easier to peel if the cut did go through.

Once the flesh was cut in lengths, all I had to do was take the avocado and fold it backwards. The skin just peeled away from the flesh – kind of in the manner than orange skin peels away from an orange when it’s cut in slices.

The great thing was that there was no bent spoon handle and not much of a mess on the fingers. This may not be a new concept to many people out there but it was to me and with my love of avocado, this technique is invaluable. For those who already knew, why have you kept it a secret?

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