Friday, January 29, 2010

Nasty Post Comments - Love It!

It was a proud moment for me today when I checked Being A Vegan Athlete and I'd received a malicious, negative comment to the last post. Unfortunately, I decided to delete the two-word expletive (FU, it was...) because the person who left it didn't leave a name.

I'm a huge proponent of freedom of speech, but if your only reply to something you feel strongly against is 'FU' and then you refuse to put your name behind it, you don't deserve to have your words heard. I don't moderate my comments initially because I think it's pompous. However...

I thought about it for a while, and I would have let the comment stand as is, if only the person who'd left it had left a name. It didn't even have to be a real name. God knows, the internet is anonymous even when it doesn't seem to be.

So, if you left the comment and have come back to see my reaction to it, leave it again with your name and maybe add an intelligent reason why. Habs fan? Creepy figure skater guy fan? Maybe, it was Johnny Weir himself!

Anyway, not offended here. On the contrary, actually. I, like any blogger, am like a dog and consider any attention good attention. So, keep smacking my nose and making me stay out in the cold back yard too long!


I'm sitting at the Skyline Hotel in Independence, Ohio. Actually, I'm by the indoor pool just kicking back and having a couple Millers. The thing I love about the USA is the fact that they are mature enough to not bother with someone having a few beers outside the 'designated drinking area' - are you listening Tight Ass Canadian Government? Oh, and 30 beers here still costs $15 when we're paying close to $50 for 24, if not more in some cases in Canada. Can you say tax overkill?

I had my first real Boca Burger today at, of all places, Denny's. Not bad stuff, however, I could tell which one was mine before it hit the table due to the perfectly flat shape.

Ciao for now! Habs, you suck! Weir, you suck! Anonymous, FU too! Vegans, keep on keepin' on!


  1. Why aren't you the sensitive one, Tom. I would say FU again but I don't want to be hit with another hissyfit. Must be your time of month. Or has the lack of meat thrown your hormones out of whack?

  2. Thanks for coming out. Your contribution is appreciated and we hope to hear from you again soon.