Thursday, January 14, 2010

Eating Still Living Animals Is Funny And Cool

I don’t believe I’m racist and I try to see each citizen of our world as a unique individual. However, I am constantly reminded of all the terrible things the people of China do to animals and I can’t help but condemn a people as a whole.

I’m sure that not all people from China believe that killing an animal for just its fin, or paw, or internal organs is a justified act that will make them more viral, strong and powerful. But, the numbers are there. The world focuses on the human rights issues in the most populous country in the world. Why do the world’s mega-powers seem to cover their eyes and plug their ears whenever the eating of live monkey brains or skinning animals live for their furs is mentioned?

The film that has been making its rounds among the animal lovers and vegans throughout the world is a short video of people from China enjoying a lovely meal of still living fish. This is quite simply disgusting. Yet, just like the over-hunting of sharks simply for a small fraction of their body that will make a Chinese man’s penis larger, or something to that effect, the world ignores the atrocities.

It’s all about money. The west wants China’s money and they’ll throw morals and beliefs out the door to get it. Isn’t that what the world is all about, though? Isn’t that why North Americans are dying, fighting a war in the middle east that doesn’t really exist while people in Africa are killed off in masses and left to starve to death on their own?

What would you do if you walked in on people feeding on a living, breathing being? Would you pretend it wasn’t happening? Would you walk away believing ‘out of sight, out of mind’? Would you resort to violence against the ones committing the crime? Would you speak your mind, knowing that your opinion will be met with ridicule?

The way I see it, there are two viable options out of those I gave. You need to take action. You have a responsibility as a human being and as a vegan. You could resort to violence and give the human monsters a taste of their own medicine. You would be no better off than those people by doing this, though.

Ghandi promoted non-violence. This doesn’t mean that Ghandi was a pussy. He fought for everything he believed in, in every possible way except for resorting to violence. Which leaves the only choice being to walk right up to anyway committing atrocities to innocent animals and boldly tell them that what they are doing is flat out wrong.

The video is attached. It is your choice to watch it or not. I believe people need to see that the human race still has a long way to go before becoming civilized.

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