Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Avatar: Why Aren't The Na'vi Vegan?

I went to see ‘Avatar’ tonight and thought it was an amazing movie. However... does anyone else find it kind of bizarre that the Na’vi hunt, kill and eat animals to survive? This is a race of beings so in touch with the nature around them that they can literally plug in to other animals, plants and even the earth beneath them and become one.

How could a species be so in touch with the nature around them, yet construct weapons that are not meant for self defence but to kill those other beings that they share the land with? Just like human beings, they cannot kill without the aid of constructed weapons. Therefore, like humans, they are not meant to kill animals for food.

Just like humans, they lack claws or talons and have undeveloped canine teeth. Just like humans, they cannot kill with just their bodies alone. So, it seems that the Na’vi may not be so in touch with nature as it seems. They have to ‘break’ their animal ‘friends’ before they can use them as beasts of burden. Just like humans, they believe that killing is okay as long as it is quick and humane and they feel a token amount of remorse after the deed is done.

James Cameron, you are indeed a savage. Providing all that fish food in ‘Titanic’ does not justify all the savagery in ‘Avatar’.

But, you did get some good points across, such as it is wrong to take from defenceless civilizations to satisfy your greed and overindulgence. Sorry to all of us in North America, but the stab is at us. We ‘relocated’ the natives for the ‘greater good’ and pretty much destroyed a beautiful and harmonious people. We pick and choose who we’re going to defend from bullies in this world simply by what natural resources that country has to offer. No oil? Sorry, can’t help. You’re going to have to fight for yourself. Got oil? We’re on our way – but you have to let us move in and you have to adopt our beliefs and religions.

Am I going a little ‘PETA’ here? Ya. There was only one scene where an animal was hunted and killed. It was an incredible movie, especially in 3D. Everyone should see it. The computer generated effects and scenery are amazing.

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